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AlwaysYou with Sarah Baior

Be You, Be Happy, Be Kind

Headshot of Sarah Baior smiling


A Bit About Me

I'm Sarah Baior, a wife and mother of 3 who spends most of her day with her dogs and chickens. I'm annoyingly optimistic and enjoy taking everyone along on my adventures. I'm not an influencer, Im just a lady with an iPhone who isn't afraid to share her true self.  FYI I only share items that I personally use and would recommend to others. 

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I share on social media often. So if you have seen me using something and its not listed on AlwaysYou with Sarah, just shoot me a message. I am always happy to help!! Caring for chickens, Caring for dogs, Gardening, Make up, skincare, Handmade soaps, Fitness, If i use it and would recommend to others then you will find it here

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