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Sarah Baior

Why choose me...

  • I am a people person so I get along with just about everyone. I am happy and upbeat, and will always go the extra mile to make sure you are well informed and happy. 

  • Your happiness is my number one goal!! I am not in this for the money...I just love being able to help people find healthy affordable products and help teach how to use them.

  • It takes a lot to offend me!! So you can always feel comfortable telling me your thoughts. 

  • I am always honest with my product reviews and never try to upsell. I see no reason for you to buy things you don't truly want or need. 

  • I try to keep myself well informed so I can always be helpful 

  • I am a bit of a perfectionist, so if I am making a product you can be sure it is good quality. 

A little bit about myself...
My name is Sarah Baior, I am married with 3 girls and 2 Fur babies. I often describe myself as annoyingly optimistic and I love helping others!! 

I am a makeup artist who also enjoys being crafty. I can help you with any makeup and skincare needs, but also offer handmade soaps and cocoa bombs during the cooler months. 

I am fascinated with how natural ingredients can benefit the skin and how different scents can effect your experience. I have been working hard to learn all the things so I can master the art of soap making. 


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