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A few thoughts from our customers

Word of a wonderful thing

I opened up the bubble bar it smells so yummy I don't want to use it and just keep smelling it. My husband said "that smells amazing. You need to save it and just open the zip lock bag once in a while."

The soap is the same way. You are amazing and these are a sweet yummy smell.

Heather Meggison

Ohhhhhh myyyy , the absolutely delightful scents of your products ..... they leave me speechless.  I cannot even begin to describe the deliciousness of them. I am taking a HUGE RISK sharing this info on Facebook. I fear that you will all buy them and Sarah will not be able to keep up with the demand and I will never get my hands on them again. Not only are they beyond yummy smelling, They are very reasonably priced. My favorite of all the scents is Dragons Blood and one of my favorite products are the shower steamers.

Kathi Van Natta Smith

Now that my kids are completely dry and brushed out, they look and feel fabulous!! So soft! OMG

Yes, this dog shampoo is a hit!!


The spray is so easy to use. I love that it's simple ingredients and smells so good! XOXO

Carol  Glynn


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