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Anal Fingering

Research suggests that it is unlikely to pass HPV through fingering. While it is possible to transmit gonorrhea from the fingers to the anus, it is not common among intimate partners. The one STI that can possibly be passed is herpes if an open sore is touched.

anal fingering


Anal fingering refers to the process of inserting a finger or multiple fingers into the anus, either by a partner or for self-pleasure. Anal fingering does not involve the whole hand, as that would be described as anal fisting. Fingering is generally a good starting point for those wanting to try out anal play but are not ready for full penetration with a penis or larger toy.

For first-time anal fingering, maintaining a relaxed and open perspective goes a long way. Common sensations include fullness, pressure, and intense or even surprising arousal. As you ease into it, contraction of the anus is also natural.

Because of the concentration of nerve endings in the anus, many people enjoy anal fingering as a way to reach otherwise inaccessible pleasure zones. These include the p-spot for those with a prostate, and the a-spot for those without. With practice, people can achieve an anal fingering orgasm or orgasm from a combination of fingering with other sex acts.

This is a critical conversation to have between partners as no one wants to be surprised by anal fingering. Consent is imperative when it comes to any sexual act and especially anal play as preferences may vary.

For the bottom, there is no need to douche in preparation for fingering; however, some feel more confident doing so. If you choose to, opt for an isotonic solution, like Future Method. Taking a shower and using the bathroom should be enough to help bottoms to feel clean and confident during sex.

Furthermore, the STI risk during fingering is low but it is not eliminated. Finger cots provide protection on this front as well. There can be a risk if the partner with an infection touches their genitals prior to anal fingering. Reversely, if the bottom has an infection and the top enters them with a cut or wound on their hand that can cause transmission as well.

Using lube can make for a more comfortable experience and a silicone lube is generally best. The top should lube their finger from tip to base prior to entry and the bottom should generously lube their entire external anal region. The bottom can even consider a lube shooter to ensure that the anal canal is fully lubed as well.

Note that the anus is not at all self-lubricating, and as the anal walls are relatively thin, a thicker lubricant reduces the chances of anal injuries or tears. (Read more about choosing the best lubricants for anal sex and fingering.)

It is important to know that beginners should only proceed with anal play when sober. Although it can be tempting to take or drink things to relax they can also dull pain. This can result in long-term injury and is not worth the risk.

Foreplay is essential to getting both partners in the mood. This can involve anal massaging or really anything else that is exciting. This goes for solo anal fingering or toy use, as well as for with a partner.

When both partners are ready to proceed with anal fingering, the top should be aware of the entire anatomy, especially the musculature. There are three sets of muscles that make up the anal sphincter mechanism. Two smaller ones externally and the third internal. They all compromise about a 4-7cm length.

Once you have finished up, take a moment to clean up and collect yourselves. Reflect on the experience, what was good about it, and what you might like to try or change next time. Additionally, it is very important to look out for signs of injury immediately after fingering and in the days and weeks that follow. This is especially critical if one partakes in fingering or other types of anal play often.

Issues such as minor tears and fissures, hemorrhoids, and skin tags have been known to develop. While these do heal on their own sometimes they may become chronic problems. If this is the case then it is always best to reach out to a medical professional for an evaluation. Our team at Bespoke specializes in resolving anal-related injuries like these through a variety of treatment options.

Next, be clear. Define who will do the fingering and who will receive the penetration. You should also clearly state and agree that anal fingering is just that: fingers. No penis involved or any other variations.

Fecal bacteria could get into the urethra, which can cause a urinary tract infection. So if your doctor asks you to be careful when wiping your bum with tissue, you should extend the same courtesy when it comes to fingering.

Anal fingering is a type of anal stimulation that involves inserting a finger or fingers into the anus. Couples can finger each other during foreplay and sex, or it can be done on an individual basis as part of masturbation. This type of stimulation is often very pleasurable since the area is packed with nerve endings. Men will usually find anal fingering particularly pleasurable because it can lead to the stimulation of the prostate, which is the equivalent to a woman's G-spot.

Lubrication and a gradual buildup is the key to making anal fingering - or any other anal stimulation, for that matter - pleasurable for all parties involved. Use a water-based lubricant and start out very slowly at first. Beginners may want to start by having their partners massage or apply pressure to the anus. The tip of one finger can then be inserted slowly. If the receiver is relaxed and finds it pleasurable, more fingers can be inserted one at a time.

Anal fingering is self explanatory and involves fingering the anus both internally and externally. You can participate in this type of activity to prepare for anal sex or simply because it feels good, and there are many ways to do it.

Anal sexual activity feels good because there are a lot of sensitive nerve endings in the anal area, which produce some amazing sensations when they are massaged and stroked. The interesting thing is that people of all genders and sexual orientations are enjoying anal fingering, thanks in part to these nerve endings.

Exploring the inside of the anus is a lot of fun and can stimulate you in more ways than one, and this is especially true if you are fingering yourself while masturbating. Better still, both men and women can easily experience this type of sexual satisfaction.

If you or your partner have never tried anal fingering before, learning how to broach the subject can be a little tricky. This is why it is so important that you and your partner have a relationship that is based on open communication with one another.

If either you or your partner are uninterested in anal fingering, it is best not to try it just yet, because above everything else, anal fingering requires a lot of physical and emotional preparation for it to feel right.

Since the preparation for any type of anal sex activity is so important, it is best to spend a lot of time talking with your partner and deciding for yourselves what each of you will and will not be willing to do.

If you like, you can make it easy on yourself and use coconut oil to lubricate yourself, but if you do choose an anal or vaginal lube product, it is good to learn the differences between the various types that are available.

Anal massage is a great way to prepare for any type of finger play. Start by placing lube on your fingers, then all you have to do is stroke and rub the external anal area until you feel more comfortable about placing the finger into the anus.

A great anal massage can also get you a lot more excited about going further, but you should also take your time and not rush anything because going too fast can cause you to feel pain and discomfort, which is the opposite of what you want.

Just like any type of anal sex activity, lots of lube is needed when warming up for anal fingering. After all, what is better foreplay than participating in a long, sensual massage of the buttocks, thighs, and the outside of the anal area?

Create your own strokes and rubs because you can get as creative as you like when preparing for anal fingering. You should also remember to relax and breathe normally, because if you tighten up it can create discomfort and even pain in the anal area.

Since there are no real rules for anal fingering, you can do whatever you like once your finger gets inside of the anus, but there are some tips and suggestions that will help you enjoy your anal sex activity a lot more. These include:

The receiver should also breathe normally the entire time, remain relaxed during the activity, and keep the anus properly lubed at all times. In fact, many people do deep-breathing exercises before participating in anal fingering, because it helps you relax and be fully prepared for what lies ahead.

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