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[S5E5] The Damage Done

Amenadiel is certain popular with the nuns. Chloe finally leaves where they are questioning the nuns because they only have eyes for Amenadiel. The sisters admit that Mother Angelica is a murderer and she finally admits they are right. Lucifer is trying to get Chloe done with her case as Dan is helping her. Lucifer almost helps Dan when Chloe comes in with a suspect. When Amenadiel walks in with Chloe, Lucifer is confused. Angelica admits to the first murder. She denies the murder of Sister Victoria. Chloe is confused as to why Mother Angelica is willing to go through this with faith. Angelica gives Chloe a message about control. She has faith in Chloe.

[S5E5] The Damage Done

Aboard the lift, Picard tries to make conversation by asking each of the children about their respective projects. The third and oldest member of the group, Marissa Flores, is tongue-tied, and before conversation can go further, the ship is suddenly struck by an impact, and the turbolift plummets, causing the children to scream in panic. The heavy quaking is felt throughout the ship, throwing people around and causing substantial damage before it passes.

Ten Forward has been turned into a make-shift sickbay for the wounded. Data returns from a survey of the corridors and reports that heavy damage has blocked off access both to sickbay and engineering. Riker says that they have to assume no one has been left alive on the bridge, and he and Data attempt to reach engineering via a service crawlway. Worf is left in charge of Ten Forward.

In the cargo bay, La Forge and Crusher are trying, unsuccessfully, to open the doors. When La Forge goes to a wall panel to remove a manual hand actuator, Crusher feels intense heat coming from the wall, and a panel explodes outwards, revealing a plasma fire in a damaged power conduit. Crusher warns that the fire is emitting intense radiation, which could have long-term effects if they don't put it out. La Forge says they have a more immediate problem: the cargo bay is filled with drums of quaratum, which becomes explosive when exposed to high levels of radiation.

On the bridge, Ro has managed to restore power to the engineering monitoring console by dumping raw power from the phaser array into it, over O'Brien's protests that it is a completely improper procedure. She reports, with alarm, that the antimatter containment field has been damaged by the impact with the filament, and is slowly falling; when it falls to 15%, the ship will explode from a warp core breach.

This go-around is done in the style of Night Gallery with Bart hosting the in-betweens while babysitting Maggie as Marge goes to get gift-shop earrings, but not before telling Bart that this year's Halloween special may be too scary for some viewers.

After this week's episode, we now know that Frank Grillo's Nico Tanner is really into two things: demolition, and Wendy Rhoades. And, lucky for him, he gets to combine these two interests in a scene midway through the hour. He takes Maggie Siff's Wendy to a seemingly abandoned building that's set to be demolished soon (he used to work on a demo crew, he explains, so he's got a hookup for empty skyscrapers, apparently) and after some talk of entropy and destruction and trying to cling to what we think really matters, the two kiss, with the New York skyline glittering in the background.

Axe is busy doing damage control from last week, because he skipped out on a promise to have dinner with the mother and son who currently live in his childhood home up in Yonkers. He doesn't want word to get out, because that would obviously be bad PR and complicate things with the "Opportunity Zone" that he fought so hard for in the previous episode. And as he's spending more time in Yonkers, Axe pays a visit to his mom, to ask for her help in keeping the broken dinner date a secret. More importantly, though, Axe finds out that his mom has recently seen his father. As far as we can recall, all we know about Axe's dad is that he hasn't been around for a long time and that he was abusive toward Axe's mother. Axe is livid that she's been in contact with the dirtbag, and that she gave him the Lexus that Axe bought for her as a gift.

Derek's done press all day, so his mouth hurts from smiling. He joins Meredith as she's waiting for the elevator, and pushes the button himself, stating it comes faster when he pushes it. She says it must be the Shepherd Method. Meredith will go take the stairs. Derek asks if she's bothered. Meredith says no, because if he had called it the Shepherd-Grey Method, people would think he had help. After an angry look, she walks off.

Derek is done with his silent fight with Meredith. He'll call the editors to have them change it to Shepherd-Grey Method. She only wants the credit if he thinks she worked hard enough to deserve it, but he says she doesn't. She's a baby with the potential to be a great surgeon, but she's only scratching the surface of what she has to learn. She gets paged.

At Joe's, Meredith tells Cristina what Derek told her. Cristina says Derek was not right about calling her a baby, and tells her to stop caring what he thinks. It makes them seem weak. Cristina has decided not to sleep with interns, as they're weak. Cristina says Burke was a man. Meredith orders another round. Derek comes over and gives Meredith a bag. In it is a kidney in a jar. Joe is grossed out, Cristina is jealous. Derek tells Meredith he couldn't have done it without her and thanks her. Joe wants them to take the kidney out. Meredith and Derek leave.

Wall Buddy starts making different insane walls at the same time. The wall stretches all through the house, breaking through and going in all different directions in the park. Rigby and Mordecai are stuck in their room, with different walls going in different directions all around them. Mordecai tells Rigby that he should have just cleaned up the room, and complains that every time Rigby has to do something simple he goes out to get something to do it for him that just makes the situation worse. Rigby explains that when Benson told them to clean the room, he was upset with Mordecai for blaming the mess on him. Mordecai realizes that he had done that, and apologizes while Rigby apologizes for not cleaning the room. They both decide that they need to stop Wall Buddy from spreading out across the whole park. Rigby says that they can stop Wall Buddy by pressing a reset button on the CPU. They run through the collapsing house, and come to a hole in the front of the house. They see the part of Wall Buddy that has the CPU, and run to it. They both grab on and ride along on it as it stretches across the sky, trying to throw them off. Rigby presses the reset button, and Wall Buddy recoils all the way back down to their room.

Rigby notes that Wall Buddy had scattered all the trash across the park, resulting in nothing to clean up. Benson then comes in, enraged at all the damage they had done to the house. Mordecai says that Benson can't fire them because they "cleaned" up their mess. Benson then asks who he can fire for all of the damage that they did to the whole park. Mordecai and Rigby then point at each other, trying to blame each other as the episode ends

The white supremacist girls - Brandy, Helen, and Kasey Sankey - have taken Judy as a personal slave and force her to cook them breakfast. Taystee, Black Cindy, Janae Watson, and Alison Abdullah scold them for causing the misrepresentation of the situation at Litchfield to the media, and insist they turn Judy over so they can prove she isn't being tortured. Sankey informs Taystee and company that they will have to buy Judy from them, and the two groups begin haggling. When they reach an impasse, Sankey decides to auction Judy off to the highest bidder. Brandy hands the auction to Cindy after she puts up a 2007 Anne Geddes baby calendar and Lisa Frank rainbow unicorn stickers, much to Sankey's annoyance. Cindy enjoys using Judy as slave labor, forcing her to give her a pedicure, until Taystee shows up - with Josh the PR rep/hostage in tow - insisting Judy needs to give a press conference to mitigate the damage done to the riot by the media. Josh, doing Taystee's bidding, instructs Judy to stick to the talking points: that she herself is not a hostage, that the rioters want justice for Poussey Washington, and that the inmates' demands need to be met. When Josh suggests Judy share a personal experience from her time in the prison, she comes up short, having been given special treatment for the duration of her stay. Janae expresses dismay that Judy will be speaking for them despite this, but Taystee insists it's better for publicity if the inmates' stories come from Judy's mouth due to her celebrity status.

Without Christine showing a smidgen of sympathy, empathy, or the like, it seems the damage she's done to the agents of the Oppenheim Group is permanent. Although, it looks like Chelsea's bluntness is respected by the group. Will her ability to command the room be able to draw back respect for Christine?

It just seems so utterly ridiculous to me that in this subplot about someone struggling to overcome a lifetime of cruel brainwashing to seek intimacy with another person, all some people can seem to think about are his genitals. I think what was done to his *mind* is rather more important, you know?

Stottlemeyer and Disher drop by Monk's new office, asking for his take on the disappearance of Anna Pollard. Among other clues, her husband has now admitted that he thinks she was having an affair, though he doesn't know with whom. To Monk's embarrassment, Linda drops by with the bill for the damage to her car, revealing the nature of the "big case" Natalie has been talking up to the Captain. But sparks instantly fly between Stottlemeyer and Linda, and, recognizing him as a recent divorcé, coquettishly invites him to look at a few vacant apartments she has listed. He happily accepts, leaving Randy behind. Catching sight of the note from the windshield, he recognizes the torn-off lettering on the other side as being from a bar he frequents. 041b061a72

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