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College Life APK Download [Latest Version] В» Socigames

You just finished college and trying to find out what to do with your life at this stage. Will you follow your dreams to make it as big as a game developer, or will you try and find romance and love with one of the many women in the city? Or are you finally ready to listen to your heart and find love with those who are the closest to you?Join him on his romantic trip.

College Life APK Download [Latest Version] В» Socigames


Hello there dev i just want to point out some of the bug that i found recently:1. If u had the older version of the game ( 0.9.0 ) copying the patch file into the game directory will result to image not found. But it will be solve if u download the whole new version of the game.2. In the party, your conversation with nikki will be cut of and directed to Vlad outside the building ( if u not developing any relationship with nikki ) and u cant even talk to nikki again after that but if u had some kind of relationship with nikki it proceed without problemi will edit this comment again if i found any bug.

i havent play this latest version but will do later, if i remember correctly i got 20 point of intelligent and 32 relay point for rachel. For ashely u need strenght and lust + relay point only, even if u lack of strenght u still can have sex with her but the extra scene will be lock. U can gain point on the choice u made. For example when u first meet ashley there will be an option where u need to choose wether " to look back ( Lust + relay point for ashley) " or " dont waste any time ( +1 Intelligent ) ". Basically for ashely u just need to always be positive and show affection to her. To gain intelligent u need to be smart and be able to hold ur lust for some certain choice and event. for other character i dont know how because they still dont have any scene yet. Maybe in future update they will. Oh btw u can gain a lot of intel point with rachel event.

If you just want to keep your save files from the previous version and you aren't going to use the downloaded save file, no actions are required and you save files, should be already in the new version when you run it. 041b061a72

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