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SYDNEY--Australian electronics retailer JB Hi-Fi Ltd. said preliminary unaudited results showed net profit rose nearly 15% in the first half of fiscal 2023, driven by continued consumer demand for electronics and appliances.

Search results for Hi fi

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KAPA HiFi DNA Polymerase is a novel, single-enzyme system that exhibits industry-leading performance when compared with other high-fidelity polymerases and polymerase blends. KAPA HiFi has been engineered to have an increased affinity for DNA without the need for accessory protein domains. The intrinsic high processivity of KAPA HiFi results in signifcant improvements to yield, sensitivity, speed, target length, and the ability to amplify diffcult templates (e.g., AT- and GC-rich). The error rate of KAPA HiFi PCR Kits is 100X lower than wild-type Taq DNA polymerase.

The intrinsic high processivity of the enzyme results in significant improvement in yield, speed, and sensitivity when compared with wild-type B-family DNA polymerases. In addition, the ability to amplify long targets, as well as GC- and AT-rich targets, is significantly improved. The enzyme is combined with a proprietary antibody that inactivates the enzyme until the first denaturation step. This prevents nonspecific amplification during reaction setup, increases sensitivity, and improves reaction efficiency.

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Long-read sequencing technologies such as PacBio HiFi sequencing are quickly becoming the new gold standard in genomics research. This article provides an introductory look at what long-read sequencing is, and explores topics including advantages, applications, and more.

DeepPeep was a search engine that aimed to crawl and index every database on the public Web.[1][2] Unlike traditional search engines, which crawl existing webpages and their hyperlinks, DeepPeep aimed to allow access to the so-called Deep web, World Wide Web content only available via for instance typed queries into databases.[3] The project started at the University of Utah and was overseen by Juliana Freire, an associate professor at the university's School of Computing WebDB group.[4][5] The goal was to make 90% of all WWW content accessible, according to Freire.[6][7] The project ran a beta search engine and was sponsored by the University of Utah and a $243,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.[8] It generated worldwide interest.[9][10][11][12][13]

However, what separated DeepPeep and other search engines is that DeepPeep uses the ACHE crawler, 'Hierarchical Form Identification', 'Context-Aware Form Clustering' and 'LabelEx' to locate, analyze, and organize web forms to allow easy access to users.[14]

The ACHE Crawler is used to gather links and utilizes a learning strategy that increases the collection rate of links as these crawlers continue to search. What makes ACHE Crawler unique from other crawlers is that other crawlers are focused crawlers that gather Web pages that have specific properties or keywords. Ache Crawlers instead includes a page classifier which allows it to sort out irrelevant pages of a domain as well as a link classifier which ranks a link by its highest relevance to a topic. As a result, the ACHE Crawler first downloads web links that has the higher relevance and saves resources by not downloading irrelevant data.[15]

In order to further eliminate irrelevant links and search results, DeepPeep uses the HIerarchical Form Identification (HIFI) framework that classifies links and search results based on the website's structure and content.[14] Unlike other forms of classification which solely relies on the web form labels for organization, HIFI utilizes both the structure and content of the web form for classification. Utilizing these two classifiers, HIFI organizes the web forms in a hierarchical fashion which ranks the a web form's relevance to the target keyword.[16]

When there is no domain of interest or the domain specified has multiple types of definition, DeepPeep must separate the web form and cluster them into similar domains. The search engine uses context-aware clustering to group similar links in the same domain by modeling the web form into sets of hyperlinks and using its context for comparison. Unlike other techniques that require complicated label extraction and manual pre-processing of web forms, context-aware clustering is done automatically and uses meta-data to handle web forms that are content rich and contain multiple attributes.[14]

When the search results pop up after the user has input their keyword, DeepPeep ranks the links based on 3 features: term content, number of backlinks. and pagerank. Firstly, the term content is simply determined by the content of the web link and its relevance. Backlinks are hyperlinks or links that direct the user to a different website. Pageranks is the ranking of websites in search engine results and works by counting the amount and quality of links to website to determine its importance. Pagerank and back link information are obtained from outside sources such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.[14]

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Are you doing COVID-19 related research? Our latest RUO kit, the Luna SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR Multiplex Assay Kit, enables high throughput workflows for real-time detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid using hydrolysis probes. For simple, visual assay results, the SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Colorimetric LAMP Assay Kit includes a color-changing pH indicator for detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid amplification

Spotify also offers more intuitive controls. For example, you can easily drag and drop songs from other playlists into your personal playlists located in the sidebar. The mobile app also offers more sorting options for songs, and even allows you to search for songs within playlists.

With the algorithm for music discovery, I have had YouTube music for over a year and the longer you use it, the better it gets. It also helps if you use Google search etc as the recommendation can be more personalised as Google knows you better. 041b061a72

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