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Springtime Joy

As usual, the cherry blossoms have made their grand entrance ahead of the big Sakura Matsuri festival, which takes place this weekend. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden announced that the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden are at peak bloom right now. If you want to soak up the springtime joy before the Garden gets packed this weekend, here's a handy map showing which trees have bloomed.

Springtime joy

Pack your lunches in style this spring when you add this beautifully decorated snack container by ModCloth to your kitchen collection. The mint green base is microwave safe, and the birds and flower design on the lid look like the perfect portrait of springtime. And when they're not packed in your lunchbox, they'll look precious sitting out on your countertop.

Admittedly, I have a black thumb and everything I attempt to plant in the springtime usually wilts away before May. But thanks to TJ Maxx and these gorgeous faux lavender blooms in a rustic bucket, I can still add the look of spring blooms to home.

This wire basket from Target is perfect for creating springtime decor displays in your home. The neutral cream color and wooden handle allow you to go in just about any decorative direction. Fill it with Easter eggs, flowers, faux hay, burlap, or anything else your heart desires to bring spring vibes to your home.

Don't forget about your pets when re-vamping your home decor this spring. The new Drew Barrymore Flower Home Collection at Walmart features this set of two vintage pet bowls in a cool aqua color, great for springtime.

If you're still using a plain white plastic basket as a laundry hamper, it's time to update your laundry look by investing in this striped woven wicker hamper from TJ Maxx. The combo of natural tan with light blue stripes gives the hamper major springtime vibes.

I literally can't think of anything more adorable to put on my kitchen table for springtime. Creatively named "Save Room for Desert" this ceramic salt and pepper shaker set from ModCloth is shaped like desert cacti and sits neatly on a cactus-shaped plate.

Not only is it a brand new week, it's also a brand new month. It's when seasons change that we begin questioning our fate. We look to horoscopes for answers to burning questions like, "Will I get rich?" or "Will I fall in love?" Unfortunately, you won't find too much reassurance here, because starting April 30, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces. If you made the list, then you might not find yourself relishing the springtime joy anywhere near as much as your peers.

In springtime vegetable gardens burst into bloom. Delicate vegetables like asparagus, zucchini flowers, and spring peas are classic spring fare. Many more fruits also start to come into season, most notably strawberries, which you can enjoy in anything from tarts to gelato. Spring marks the end of heavy root dishes and the start of lighter meals. In season you will find fava beans, asparagus, artichokes beans, lemons, zucchini flowers, leeks, beets, strawberries and cherries.

When you talk about Italy, it is hard not to think about wine. And in the springtime, vineyards are a hive of activity. For this is the time of year on which a vineyards success is dependent. Pruning or shoot-thinning takes place at the hands of skilled workers, shaping the vines and fixing any errors. Also taking place is topping or hedging when longer shoots are cut back so that the vines are uniform. This is beneficial to vine growth and to the grape harvest. Winemakers love spring. It is the moment of regeneration when the new vintage begins to express itself with the thrill of harvest in the making.

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