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Buy Door Lock HOT!

At Door Locks Direct, door hardware that is high-quality and affordable is our priority. We carry a wide range of indoor and outdoor door locks, hardware, and accessories that offer elegance, function, and increased security.

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At Door Locks Direct, we want what you want: the best door hardware delivered at an affordable price. We carry a wide range of indoor and outdoor door locks, hardware, and accessories that offer elegance, function, and increased security.

Door locks and hardware have changed a lot over the years to provide attractive door furnishings that stay ahead of thieves. From traditional locksets to state-of-the-art smart locks, we bring you effective door locks that will secure your home. There is a wide range of styles to choose from with finishes to fit every decor. If you have a specific door lock design in mind for your home, we probably have it in stock.

We have fulfilled over 100,000 orders because of the relationships we have built. Our customers trust us to ensure they have access to the right locks and hardware to complete their projects. When you shop door locks for homes at Door Locks Direct, our expert staff is ready to help you find the right lock for the job, price the selection fairly to keep you on budget, and get it to you fast so you can get it installed.

Deadbolts provide the highest level of front door security. To ensure your door locks provide solid home security, choose locks and deadbolts that are pick-resistant and bump proof. Good locks use mushroom pins or pick shields to prohibit thieves from using picking tools to pry the lock and enter your home.

Most lock manufactures have their products tested by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) for grading on how their locks perform. They test based on operation, strength, cycle, security, material evaluation and finish.

Tip: Some exterior door locks are designed to automatically lock when the door closes. To ensure you don't get accidentally locked out, shop for a lock that does not have this feature or read the manufacturer's directions to determine how to disable this feature as needed.

Finding the lock handedness is a bit different than how you determine door handing for purchasing doors. To see whether you need a right-handed lock or a left-handed lock, stand on the outside of the door. Notice where the hinges are; it doesn't matter if the door swings toward or away from you.

Door locks are designed primarily for functionality, but in addition to providing security, their appearance is a consideration. Look at pictures of different door lock types to find models that match your style. Shop online for all types of door locks and other door hardware. The Home Depot delivers online orders when and where you need them.

Internet-connected smart locks are improving in a number of ways. Newer models connect directly to WiFi, negating the need for hubs and bridges that connect them to the internet. Some smart locks now feature fingerprint sensors, giving you a way to unlock your door without a key, a PIN code, or a smartphone. And retrofit smart locks (models that essentially add smarts to your existing lock) are getting smaller.

Smart locks will see more changes as the smart home industry adopts a new communications standard called Matter. Through this standard, smart home devices from different manufacturers will be able to talk to each other without the need for dedicated partnerships between companies.

For the drilling test, we evaluate how well each lock can withstand attack from a cordless drill. And for the picking test, we assess the internal mechanisms of each lock to see how easily they can be picked.

Pros: Models are affordable and often rekeyable. Deadbolts significantly improve security over key-in-knob locks alone. Electronic locks let you lock and unlock your door without a key.

These models do more than lock doors, offering remote control, voice control, access logs, geofencing, and other smart features. Features such as remote control and voice control often require a separate WiFi adapter or bridge that transmits the signal from the lock to your wireless router, and that costs extra. However, more and more WiFi models are coming to market. There are also Bluetooth-only smart locks that have limited wireless range but offer some smart features.

These models offer all the same features as regular smart locks, but instead of fully replacing your deadbolt, they replace part of your existing deadbolt (usually the interior side with the thumb-turn). This allows you to essentially keep your existing deadbolt and keys while gaining smart features, such as remote control and auto-unlocking.

You might not want to spring for a double-sided lock, though; many municipalities consider them to be a fire hazard because you need a key to unlock the door from inside, which creates the possibility of being trapped. But they can offer peace of mind if installed on a door adjacent to glass sidelites by robbing a would-be burglar of the ability to break the glass and reach in to unlock the thumb-turn.

Many nonconnected and smart locks can be rekeyed for use with new physical keys or to make one key open all the entry doors in your home, saving you from having to hire a locksmith. These locks should come with instructions and special tools (or a master key) for rekeying.

Owned by Assa Abloy and considered one of the largest and fastest-growing lock companies in the world, August designs and markets smart home access and entry products, including smart locks. Its products are available nationally at Amazon, Best Buy, and other online retailers.

A part of HHI, a division of Spectrum Brands, Kwikset is one of the biggest residential door lock brands. It was one of the first brands to introduce an electronic door lock, and it offers one of the largest lines of smart locks. The brand is also known for its SmartKey Security technology. Kwikset locks are available at home centers and retail dealers nationally.

A subsidiary of Fortune Brands Home, the Master Lock brand is one of the most famous and well-known worldwide. It markets a wide range of products, including combination locks, padlocks, and many other security products. Its products are sold at Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, authorized dealers, and hardware stores.

Another subsidiary of Assa Abloy, Medeco is one of the largest manufacturers of medium- and high-security locks for both residential and commercial use. Its products are favored by many professional locksmiths and are available at authorized dealers and Amazon.

A subsidiary of Allegion, Schlage is a widely sold lock brand that manufactures a wide range of residential and commercial products. It makes nonconnected and smart locks that are available nationally at Amazon, Best Buy, home centers, and hardware stores.

One of the oldest and most recognized brands in the security industry, Yale is a subsidiary of Assa Abloy. The brand produces a wide array of products for residential and commercial use. Its smart locks include both keyed and keyless products. Models are available at Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, and authorized dealers.

Pair the Navis Paddle with any August Smart Lock for 100% hands-free, keyless entry. Arrive at your door with auto-unlock and easily push your door open with your hip or elbow when your hands are tied.

So we limited our search to deadbolts that were widely available at hardware stores, could be installed by a homeowner, and met our requirements on security and other features. We also restricted our search to traditional, key-operated deadbolts. (For keypad locks and other more automated solutions, see our guide to smart locks.) Further research led us to consider only deadbolts that offered a few additional important features:

As 2021 progresses, Schlage will be making a slight further update to all their mechanical and electronic deadbolt locks: They will now use a combination strike plate and strike reinforcer, which in the past were two separate components. The combination plate is simpler to install, using fewer screws and requiring no mortising of the door frame.

The best places to buy door locks might not be as obvious as you think. To some, it may not even be obvious that there was a bad place to buy door locks. There are several places that you do want to avoid, beyond knowing the best places to buy door locks, but people are right to think that this is not always a necessary distinction. First, find out what you are looking to buy, then take a look at the places that you want to avoid while you are shopping. Finally, we will discuss the best places to buy door locks.

In this case, you are not looking for the best places to buy door locks, you are just looking for the lock that seems best to you. Because quality does not matter beyond not wanting the lock to fall apart, you just have to be sure that the locks are not excessively light or flimsy.

However, if you have any desire to attain any meaningful level of security, you want to get a high-security deadbolt. There is a lot to consider about the role deadbolts play in your home security, so it would follow that there is a lot more to make sure you are getting from your deadbolt lock. There are all types of things to consider about your particular security needs. If you are looking to stay safe while living alone, you will only have to think about what works for you. But in the case of roommates, you might be restricted to locks that work better for multiple users.

You may be overwhelmed by the apparent plethora of options, but these selections are actually very limited. In terms of security, very few of the lock products being sold at establishments such as OSH, Lowes, ACE Hardware, etc., are going to have measures to prevent lock bumping. The cheap price points will also be sacrificing the quality and amount of metal the lock uses, which is guaranteed to affect the amount of force a deadbolt can withstand. Very rarely will these stores stock products that offer higher, let alone the highest, level of security. The range is often restricted to low and moderate security. 041b061a72

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