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Solo Mature Over 50 [UPDATED]

You are here. Thinking about solo travel over 50. Reading this. Planning. Or possibly sitting solo on a train in a foreign land. Celebrate the fears you quelled and the steps you took to get where you are. Celebrate your choices and sacrifices.

solo mature over 50

is following a long-held dream and living in Paris. For the past 6 + years, she has pursued her passion for exploring the world as a solo traveller and housesitter. Her adventures have taken her to Central & South America, SE Asia and Europe. A former teacher, she now inspires women to push the boundaries of their comfort zone and step out into the wide world. Let's start calling those dreams a plan!

Travelling with a partner is also a beautiful thing! I just happen to be on a roll with my solo adventures at this point in my life. However, I was thinking the other day that I am so used to solo travel now, I wonder how I would adapt to travelling with a partner!!!!!!

I took my first solo trip at 59 and celebrated my 60th birthday in London.I love travelling solo, stay in dorms in hostels, explore new cities on public transit, and befriend people whenever the opportunity comes.At 70 I am going to Kelowna with my 75 year old bestie yo ride the Myra Canyon Trail to Rith Lake.I have heen looking at house or pet sitting to explore more countries.Do you find listings through one of the online services or do you find the sits on your own.Paris was not my favourite city in Europe, but I plan to explore more areas to the east and south.Loved your post on the Myra Canyon Trail

The study noted concerns about a lack of age-appropriate and diverse photography, appropriate terminology to describe older women and more emphasis on mobility and accessibility requirements. These failings are particularly important, considering the study also found that 63 per cent of the respondents get information and advice about solo travel from websites or blogs.

In 2023, women 50+ are projected to represent over USD$15 trillion in purchasing power and are experiencing the largest population growth over the next 10 years, according to another recent study conducted in the US by the Coca-Cola Group and Mass Mutual.

Odyssey was originally developed by a collection of member Universities across Australia, New Zealand and Asia to lead the way in providing escorted, an educational small group tour for mature aged and senior travellers, to unique and intriguing parts of the world with a tour director and tour guide. Today, Odyssey still has an association with universities through the profile of the tour director for each tour group. It seeks out like-minded organisations and individuals committed to our philanthropic objectives by providing academic based merit scholarships to University students studying in Australia and New Zealand.

Odyssey offers a wide range of educational, cultural and heritage journeys as an organised tour that expand horizons and broaden the mind with some 300 tours listed on the website, from Dinosaurs in Mongolia to a Walking tour of the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain or the Australian outback.Designed for active, inquisitive travellers in a small tour group environment with a set itinerary. Tour attendees typically number between 6 to 12 and are a couple or solo traveller. This emphasis on small group travel with a tour leader ensures a friendly and personal tour environment for you and your fellow traveller , which is at the heart of our philosophy. Simply put, Odyssey Traveller provides holidays with an itinerary for couples and holidays for solo travellers over 50 .

Tours typically span between two to three weeks in duration. An Odyssey small group tour seeks to stay typically 2 to 3 nights in each location in good 3 or 4 star hotels. These are an escorted tour that have evolved to be a good blend of touring and seeing. As well as opportunities to spend time in key places to take a half or full day break from the group enabling you should you with to be a solo traveller for a few hours or explore with a travelling companion a particular place or take time out for a break, before we travel on to our next destination. For the solo traveller , Odyssey has a expansive range of holidays for solo travellers over 50 to choose from, though we do not offer a regular river cruise or a dedicated solos holiday or solo travel tours.

For the solo traveller there is a single supplement charged on all of Odyssey Travellers small group tour programs. The single supplement reflects the cost of single occupancy of a hotel room with a double bed in your own room (generally, no single bedded rooms are offered across Europe) or a single cabin on a cruise . There are no additional charges made any client booking holidays for solo travellers over 50 years of age, just the single supplement , we like to keep a level of transparency in the prices charged.

If you want to learn more have a look at our articles with plenty of travel advice and travel inspiration about all our destinations. Our article on Single Traveler may be of particular interest to those exploring the option of a solo trip for the first time.

An escorted small group tour for couples and solo travellers of the Scottish isles including the isle of Skye draws on local guides to share their knowledge of the destinations in this unique part of Scotland. UNESCO world heritage site are visited as breathtaking scenery and authentic experiences are shared in a group of like minded people on this guided tour of remote Scotland.

For centuries Malta, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica held the key to the Mediterranean. Unlike other European tour companies, Odyssey provides a tour leader and local guides to share detailed itineraries about the destinations on these small group journeys. This escorted tour of western Mediterranean explores the geography, history, culture and peoples of these 4 islands. Small group tour for mature couples and solo travellers. A reasonable single supplement is charged.

For centuries Malta & Sicily, held the key to the Mediterranean. Unlike other European tour companies, Odyssey provides a tour leader and local guides to share detailed itineraries about the destinations on these small group journeys. For mature couples and solo travellers. A reasonable single supplement is charged.

Escorted small group tour for senior and mature travellers as a couple of solo traveller. Upto 12 people of WA's Wildflower regions including Esperance and the Fitzgerald river National park. Local guides and program leader share knowledge about this fascinating region whilst in bloom.

Article details the benefits of a small group tour for mature and senior travellers, whether travelling as a couple or solo, in your 60's or beyond in your 80's. Advice on choosing a responsible touring company and things to consider post pandemic.

Deciding on which tour company to choose maybe difficult, personal recommendation is a good start. At Odyssey Traveller we have been providing small group tours to mature and senior travellers couples and solo travellers since 1983 to places all around the world.

Packing advice for mature and senior travellers taking a long haul flight to commence their vacation and a small group tour. Some travel tips on how to look at packing and organisation to minimise disruption to your vacation. Advice for couples and solo traveler joining a walking tour or discovery tours

All-inclusive packages and accommodations are a great way to mitigate some of the stress that comes with travelling. To ensure you have a seamless travel experience, here are some of the best all-inclusive vacations for singles over 50.

Portugal is considered the to be one of the best places to travel for singles over 50, as getting around the country is quick and easy. If you wanted to, you could travel between Lisbon and Porto by train in less than three hours.

I covered all of the costs associated with writing this article. However, this all-inclusive vacations for singles over 50 post includes affiliate links. That means if you click through and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

For a spot of luxury, Azamara offers a great on board experience for international singles over 50. Butler service, fine dining and a great choice of immersive, destination-focused itineraries are just some of the benefits guests can expect with the cruise line.

For solo travellers seeking a holiday that is unique and offers the chance to spend a long time away from home, Holland America is very popular for bucket-list destinations such as Alaska and Antarctica too.

The Studio Staterooms available provide solo travellers with exclusive access to the Studio Lounge, only available for other solo guests. This offers complimentary refreshments and a quiet place to relax and hang out with new-found friends.

As well as great accommodation choices for those travelling alone, Norwegian Cruise Line offers chances for solo cruisers to socialise with others as most sailings offer singles meet-ups and bar crawls around the ship.

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Solos Holidays has received various awards over the years, winning the Best Singles Operator category at the British Travel Awards and being recognised by the Silver Travel Advisor audience. Voted for by the public, these awards recognise our consistently high standards of service and how we prioritise the single traveller above anything else, for which we are deeply grateful. In addition, you have the security of knowing we are ATOL and ABTOT protected.

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