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Paperport Unable To Install File Twain Dll

Scanner - Brother MFC 6800.Can scan through "scanners and cameras" and the "Smart UI" which comeswith Paperport 8SE. However, everytime I try to scan inside ofPaperport it gives me an error message:"problem communicating with twain device".I have completely uninstalled the Brother and the Paper portsoftware.Went into device manager - showed the hidden components and deletedanything related to the scanner.rebooted the workstation and reinstalled everything. The scanner isworking properly, so what gives with the Paper port program? Anysuggestions?thanks

paperport unable to install file twain dll

There wasn't a scanner setup wizard in the start menu, however, thereis a initwain.exe in the paper port menu that the support websitementioned to run. (i have ran it a few times).The only scanner that shows up is the WIA-Brother. The support sitementions to choose the non-wia scanner, but it's not there.A litte background - it was running fine on this computer, anotherindication it isn't the hardware. I replaced the hard drive with anew SATA drive and did a fresh install of Windows. I haven't beenable to get the scanner to run properly using Paper Port since. Ibelieve I remember the old hard drive using the twain scanner and notthe Wia version.

Been there, done that, have the tshirt, but the scanner still doesn'twork. :-(I had the CD with the installation files, but when that didn't work Ihad went to their website and downloaded it. I also downloaded theiruninstall and when through the process of uninstalling thenreinstalling. thanks for your suggestions though. For some reason,it doesn't want to load/install the twain drivers.

You must remove any WIA driver that is currently installed, open Device Manager and remove anything that says brother WIA in the Imaging devices branch.Then, you may have to do it the 'hard' way.Uninstall the brother software, then search in regedit for all entries on the Brother unit.After a reboot, try installing the software again.I do have one question, do you have any other TWAIN device on that computer that works?It is possible that the TWAIN system in Windows XP is messed up.There are four files in the TWAIN system that can be expanded from the Windows XP install CD.The four files are:twain.dlltwain_32.dlltwunk_16.exetwunk_32.exeThey are located in the %SYSTEMROOT% folder, usually C:\Windows.To find out how to restore those files, search Help and Support for "expand" use the quotes.

Contact the scanner manufacturer to obtain the latest driver. To reinstall the driver, delete all files and folders that begin with Twain (for example, "Twain_32.dll") in the Windows or Winnt folder. Then, restart Windows, and then install the latest scanner driver according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Just look in the Imaging Devices , right click the Xerox driver and choose Properties. You may be able to just click uninstall, then reboot and install it again, but I would do the overkill and select Driver details and take note of each file and make sure they actually have been removed.

Those are actually really good scanners. We use a lot of them around my workplace. You will need to download the software (full suite) or use the disk that came with the scanner. Once you have that (leave the scanner disconnected), install the twain and isis drivers. Also go ahead and install the scandall pro software (it's pretty good). Once all of that is installed, reboot and connect the scanner. It will then show up under devices and printers.

OJKid - I've already installed the isis and twain drivers. I think I had the scanner connected at the time though. Do you know how I could go about uninstalling those drivers (where they are located) so that I can try a fresh install of the scanner and software? I feel like I should mention that I work at a hospital and this issue is on the reception PC. So I can't really just wipe it and start over or I would have. Haha

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